Current events in Istanbul

Hi friends! The current events in Istanbul and the rest of Turkey have been front page news around the world so I’ve been getting a lot of questions asking me how I am and how it is here. I’m completely fine. Where I live is set away from the areas where bigger protests are taking place. Protests are occurring all over the city and country, but it seems that police violence has been more concentrated in the Taksim square/Beşiktaş area.

I am still piecing together the current events because Turkish media coverage of the protests has been shamefully lacking, but I am trying to stay informed on what is happening in my city. For those who aren’t sure what is going on, I encourage you to click here to read a recent article about the protests. The following video also shows the progression of the protesting and the police violence that followed in Istanbul.

Last night in our neighborhood, people protested by banging pots and pans and flickering their house lights. It was incredible to see and hear. Later, we joined a group marching from our university into Etiler. Students, families with their little kids, and elderly people all marched, banging pots and pans, waving Turkish flags, and chanting, calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Erdoğan.

The following video was filmed by a Boğaziçi student and shows students marching from our university towards Taksim square on Saturday.

The images I have been seeing of police brutality are sickening to say the least, but at the same time the videos and photos of the thousands of people who are standing up to their oppressive government gives me a lot of hope. Check out this blog to view photos of current events.

Please educate yourself about what is happening right now in Turkey! It is great that this uprising is gaining a lot of international attention but outside pressure must be put on the Turkish government. Click here for ways to get involved and let the Turkish government know that this violence against their own citizens will not be tolerated. Send your positive thoughts and solidarity to the Turks who are fighting for their freedom! This affects anyone who cares about democracy and human rights. Thank you for reading!


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